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In the heart of what is usually described and thought of as an aging suburb back on the
recovery from near economic disaster is a place of change and bright futures. Joliet, Illinois is
known to many people for many things including a well known penal institution and casino
riverboats. The city has all of the well associated challenges and issues of any aging suburb in a
well established metropolitan area. Some of these issues have affected the city greatly and
caused many families to flee and they have also exacerbated the data that reflects on the overall
community. Even with recent growth and new housing and the accompanying increase in
residents, the core challenges can not be overlooked. Unemployment, underemployment, gang
violence, teenage pregnancy, HIV, crime, urban blight, educational challenges....the list goes on
and is all too familiar. Recent revenues from riverboats have aided governmental structures in
infrastructure improvements and public building improvements but many in the community know that there

are many human needs that are mounting and must be addressed and sometimes in nontraditional ways.
“The Hope Center of Joliet” is an organization that began its development in the first
quarter of 2006 to respond to the community needs and tailor specific programs to residents of
Joliet in an effort to impact the environment and social landscape. Initially, the Center is focused
on the following programs to assist the greater Joliet community:

Phase 1:
-Pre School and Elementary School
-Computer Literacy
-After-School Tutoring
-Homework Assistance
-Drop-In Center
-Internet Access for Employment and Education Search
-Peer to Peer Counseling
-Male and Female Mentoring
-Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Addiction Recovery Program
-Resources and training for Foster Family’s (TPS Ministry)
-Pathways of Hope Career Path Development Program

Phase 2:
-Women’s and Men’s Transitional Housing Program (1 year Residential Program)
-Y-BOT (Youth Back on Track) Life Skills Camp (2-3 year Residential Program)

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